Welcome to Artemis Rooms in Leptokarya

Being only 100 metres away from the beach and having a beautiful view to Mountain Olympus, we offer you high quality of cleanliness, friendly and quick service and quiet atmosphere.

About Leptokarya

Leptokarya is a small city with 5000 population, next to the foot of Mountain Olympus, being 25 km. away from Katerini, 90 km. from Thessaloniki and 60 km. from Larisa.

Beaches in Leptokarya are sandy with fine pebble and have been awarded many times with the Blue European Flags. The area offers a wide variety of hotels, studios and places to stay and also many facilities for family vacations.
Leptokarya is your best solution for really cheap holidays, regarding the accommodation prices and the prices in shops and restaurants.
All of the above, in combination with beautiful and clean beaches, easy access to many historical sites and to big cities, such as Katerini, Thessaloniki and Larisa

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